A LIFE PHILOSOPHY FOR BI MEN! from the Bi Men Network - www.bimen.org

We are all guiltless and sinless in this world. There is no sin or no guilt for you here! We leave all needless and useless rantings and ravings about "sin" and "guilt" to others out there! Here you are loved and accepted for who and what you are NOW and who and what you will become! Your freedom, your liberty of sexual choice and sexual expression is your personal option and an inherent right in this life. For some of us here bisexuality IS a world-class destination! For others, it is a bridge, a stopping-off point or a cozy inn along the way through life. Whatever! It is ALL good here. Human sexuality whatever it may be for you NOW is a fluid and very changeable thing over the course of one's entire lifetime.

Your sexuality here is "proof of life" to us! Proof that you are loving and giving of yourself to others. Proof or your growing evolution and your growth in self-discovery and self-realization. You are just becoming more and more who you ARE, what you ARE, and who and what you are meant to be. "COME OUT! COME OUT! WHOEVER YOU ARE!" Just give it time friend. Become YOURSELF, the BEST you, and the REAL you! Become yourself! Be you!

Here at Beta Mu Fraternity you will find love and understanding, care and concern, and genuine acceptance. Our parent the Bi Men Network has for almost twenty year been a safe haven and a home away from home for all our men worldwide. Beta Mu Society - a bi men fraternity - a secret society for bi and gay men - is now even more than that! So men: leave it all behind - out there - the fear and loathing, the hostility and rejection, and the hopelessness and despair. Let there be light! Let yourself shine! BE YOU! BE YOURSELF! The real you!

We ask only that you not coerce or force sex on anyone nor engage in sex with anyone under the age of legal consent. We also ask that you work to honor your commitments to loved ones and family as best you can. Simply - love one another and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

There is no guilt nor sin here at the Beta Mu. No judgements either. So be yourself. Become your best self. Be and become what you ARE and what you are meant to be. You have our love, acceptance, understanding, care and support. So - Be Bi! Be Happy! Be gay, be happy! Be straight, be happy! Welcome to the Beta Mu Life and to Male Sexual Freedom! You are not alone! We are here for you - your Beta Mu loving and accepting brothers for life!

Best Wishes,

Stewart (Mac) McCloud
Online since 1998 with over
250,000 active male members

"BI LIFE COACH" - private consultations with Bi Men Founder Mac - from Bi Men Network for you!

Bi Life Coach is a new personal one on one consulting service from the Bi Men Network. Bi Men Network - We are here for you - online now over 20 years! Bi Men Network now with its "Bi Life Coach" consultation service is here for bisexual men who are grappling with their life choices! Bisexual men and bi-curious guys often have no where to turn when grappling with their sexuality. A new service and resource is here for our bisexual men and bi curious guys. One of a kind. BI LIFE COACH is a truly unique, personal service provided to our men by the Bi Men Network. We are here for our guys - bisexual men and bi-curious guys worldwide. Coming out or just quietly dealing with and facing bisexuality is often a very troubling and worrisome ordeal for bisexual men in modern America. You are NOT alone! The Bi Men Network is here for you and has been for two decades now! Coming out or just accepting one's bisexuality on the down low can be very difficult and even painful. Help is here from the Bi Men Network and our online social fraternity - the Beta Mu Society. HELP is now available for perplexed, troubled and worried bisexual men and bi curious males. Coming out or accepting one's bisexuality is often a very frightening and painful life experience. Help is now here! Bi Men Network has been online for all bisexual and bi-curious adult men for two decades now and we are here for you if you should need or desire counsel and support. Go to our website at www.bimen.org - www dot bimen dot org - and go to Mac's Front Room - there you will find free resources - and if you should want more it is available - go now to Mac's Front Room at the Bi Men Network at www.bimen.org/macsfrontroom.htm Our motto for over twenty years: "You are NOT alone!" Best Wishes, Mac McCloud Founder/CEO at Bi MEN

For more info on "Bi Life Coach" contact Bi Men Founder Mac McCloud directly at bitxnmac AT msn.com

Counseling & Support for Bisexual Men & Bi-Curious Guys from the Bi Men Network - here for YOU!

Bi Men Network has been online supporting bisexual and bi-curious adult men for two decades now and we are here for you if you should need or desire counsel and support. Go to our website at www.bimen.org - www dot bimen dot org - and go to Mac's Front Room - there you will find free resources - and if you should want more it is available - go now to Mac's Front Room at the Bi Men Network at www.bimen.org/macsfrontroom.htm

Best Wishes,

Stewart (Mac) McCloud
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This community will probably be going away.

As LiveJourmal's new term of use and acceptable use policy now make it clear that all LiveJournal posts are subject to Russia's homophobic laws, this community is required to mark itself as adult content, simply because we discuss bisexuality as healthy and natural. I refuse to comply with this law, and this community will remain open to all, including LGBTQ youth.

Fuck Trump, Fuck Putin, and Fuck Homophobia in all forms.

V: 5th of November
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Tap, tap, tap... Is there any one out there?

I see there hasn't been a post here in over 2 years. I still see member requests, which I approve, so why hasn't anyone posted anything?

I'm going to give a couple of months for people to provide input, but if I don't here anything, I'll be deleting it. I wasn't the person who started it, or I probably would have deleted it when ElJay turned into a ghost town. If there is someone interesting in taking it over, I'm open to that.

See, one of the promises I made to the founder of this community when I was added to the moderator team was that this group would always have a moderated membership, and posters would have the ability to lock their posts to members only. I also promised to delete the community before I'd allow either of those condidtions to change. This was a promise because we never knew what LJ might do, especially after the Russians took over, and in light of increasing hostility to the LGBT community in the dictator Putin's Russia. So yeah, pipe up, or the community, and all its memories, will be gone.

But he's a boy!

I see myself as a lesbian. I love women. I have nothing against men really, but after living for 22 years without finding a guy that I found even remotely interesting I just decided that I had to be gay. Then I met this guy and now I don’t know anything anymore.

I know him through a close friend and high school buddy of mine, Emma. I don’t know him very well, we met for the first time in April and have met about five times in total. We’ve never hung out alone, when I’ve seen him it’s always been together with Emma and some of her other friends.

Since the first day I met him I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him. I want his attention. I want him to think I’m smart and funny and laugh at my jokes. His eyes are amazing and I don’t even usually notice eyes!?

I don’t think he likes me. I’ve never been in a relationship so I suck at these things, but I don’t think he does. When we hug it feels very awkward, it’s like he’s standing as far away as possible when hugging me. I don’t think he would hug me like that if her were attracted to me? Although he hugged me a little bit better the last time I said goodbye to him. Maybe he just doesn’t like to hug people he doesn’t know very well. God, look at me analyzing hugs! It’s incredibly pathetic, I’m sorry.
We held hands one time when we were drunk, but he held hands with Emma as well so I don't think it meant anything.

Also, he thinks I’m a lesbian and only jerks hit on lesbians. And he definitely isn’t a jerk. He’s a socialist and a feminist and just a very nice guy. He himself is bisexual so he should be understanding of what I’m going through.

I just want to get to know him to begin with, but I don’t know how. I can’t ask him out for a coffee. I just can’t. It would be too weird. Also we don’t live in the same city (it takes about an hour with train from my city to his) so that makes things even more complicated.

I don’t know what to do. Maybe I should talk to Emma about him? It’s funny because this is way harder than when I told her I liked girls. I don’t even know why. It just is.
Some advice would be really appreciated!
I like railways!

New Wisconsin Group!

News from 521: Wisconsin's Bisexual/Pansexual Advocacy Group

521 moves officially into outreach and activism! We're recruiting bisexuals, pansexuals and their allies for: a Bi/Pan Speakers Bureau, Youth Outreach efforts, Pride Event planning, and fabulous social events. We'll also be planning efforts to recruit people in other parts of Wisconsin - Milwaukee! Green Bay! La Crosse! Superior! Oshkosh! Eau Claire! and many more!

521 is a Wisconsin non-profit organization dedicated to creating a state-wide response to the issues facing non-monosexual individuals. We aim to provide a sense of community among members, educate organizations that serve non-monosexual individuals on how to best address our needs, and provide support to those who may be subject to erasure in both straight and LG communities.

www.facebook.com/events/710016749014048/ or www.wi521.org

Help? Advice?

So I don't know how much longer I can take this things have been going great with my hubby and i, and we celebrate our 9 year anniversary in august. its been going great but I really miss getting attention from women and it felt like this in so long it feel like a part of me is missing and I feel like lm missing something. It almost hurts. I long for it. Has anyone else felt this way, and what did you do??

Bisexuality it's the real thing

More on "What Part Of Bisexual Don't You Understand?"

Whenever (some) content providers are feeling lazy but need to (1) turn in some sort of promised work product on something ASAP and (2) want to up their hit-count without bothering to do anything original or useful there is nothing like dragging out the the old (completely false ... but who really cares? because do bisexual people even exist?) tired tropes about bisexuality.

Read more...Collapse )

Source: HuffPo: Bisexuality: Is It Fun, Non Committal or Just Plain Greedy? then We're Not Bicurious - We're Bifurious! + What Part Of 'Bisexual' Don't You Understand?,   LipstickLori: Bisexuality: Myths and lazy journalism,   Bi Radical, Whipping Girl, Eponymous Fliponymous,   Closets and Criticisms of LGBT Research (Part 1) (Part 2)

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Bisexuality it's the real thing

A Double Life: Bisexual Bias in the Gay Community

“If you say you’re gay, very few people say, ‘Well, what do you mean?’ Bisexuals have to come out every time they walk into a room . . . I get it from both communities. We like to joke that’s the one thing straights and gays agree on: They don’t understand bisexuals" . . .

When the bigotry comes from the straight community, it’s hurtful. But when it comes from the gay community, it’s worse—because they should understandCollapse )

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