Fair and Balanced Blogger (rhonan) wrote in bisexual_world,
Fair and Balanced Blogger

Tap, tap, tap... Is there any one out there?

I see there hasn't been a post here in over 2 years. I still see member requests, which I approve, so why hasn't anyone posted anything?

I'm going to give a couple of months for people to provide input, but if I don't here anything, I'll be deleting it. I wasn't the person who started it, or I probably would have deleted it when ElJay turned into a ghost town. If there is someone interesting in taking it over, I'm open to that.

See, one of the promises I made to the founder of this community when I was added to the moderator team was that this group would always have a moderated membership, and posters would have the ability to lock their posts to members only. I also promised to delete the community before I'd allow either of those condidtions to change. This was a promise because we never knew what LJ might do, especially after the Russians took over, and in light of increasing hostility to the LGBT community in the dictator Putin's Russia. So yeah, pipe up, or the community, and all its memories, will be gone.

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